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    "Italian Craft Milled in the UK"


Where did the product idea come from?

I started thinking about creating my personal flour brand during the pandemic. At the time I had been making homemade pizza with local pizza flour, but had realised this was not optimum for baking.

I then had developed the plan to create a custom flour that could not only be milled in the UK, but also retain the same quality that italian pizza is known for.

That is how - after searching both within mills in the UK, and Italy - I launched "Blue", the new Marco Fuso Pizza Flour.


3 Best Ingredient Choices 

The quality wheat makes the dough silky and smooth

The high absorption process makes it one of the most performant flours in the industry

The different wheat blends make it suitable to different types of pizza:
- Roman Style
- Neapolitan Style


Neapolitan Pizza Dough 

True Neapolitan pizza has a specific look, texture and taste. The preparation of the dough is obviously the key part of the process.
Click on the button below to discover my personal recipe and to find out how I use 'Blue' flour for the best Neapolitan.

Thin-Crust Pizza Dough


Characterised by a crispy crust, pizza in New York is a serious affair that has long since become part of the North American gastronomic tradition and beyond. By clicking in the box below, you can discover and try my personal recipe for this fantastic type of dough.

Marco Fuso is an Italian pizza chef with over 25 years of experience. Using both his knowledge and passion for quality ingredients, he has developed this flour which is ideal for making silky-smooth dough and perfect pizza.

Milled in the UK, the flour is medium strength and best suited for a 24 hour proof.


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