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MFP Consultancy

Whether you're just starting out or whether you've already got the ingredients for a successful catering business, MFP Consultancy can be the pair of hands you need to help shape your ideas. Using nothing more than Italian 00 Flour, a sharp mind and a whole lot of love, MFP Consultancy will help grow your business from the ground up.

We have a passion for pizza. And not much else, really.

We believe that every restaurant owner should make the decisions on exactly what their pizzas taste like. We're here to tailor specific techniques and recipes to exactly your taste in order for you to create a palatable brand that you can be proud of.


Main Man

Now it would be utterly small-minded of us to think that our passion would be achieveable without a pizza professional on our side, and we have just the man.

Marco Fuso: our very own competition-winning, pizza-extraordinaire is here to make the technicalities of setting up your restaurant seem as technical as tieing your laces. Italian born and bred, Marco has won many competitions for his pizza making (such as the World Pizza Championships, Pizze de Oscar, The Best World Championships, Tuscany Pizza Championships, International Trofeo del Buongusto, International 2 Mari, and many more!) and his acrobatic technique, too. It's not just the fun bits that Marco is able to empart his knowledge on though, he is fully trained in food hygiene and health and safety and will know the best courses for your very own team of pizza chefs to take.

He knows his stuff, to say the least.

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