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Top Level Pizza School in United Kingdom

Professional Authentic Italian Pizza Making Courses

Whether you're just starting out or whether you've already got the ingredients for a successful catering business, MFP Consultancy can be the pair of hands you need to help shape your ideas. Using nothing more than Italian 00 Flour, a sharp mind and a whole lot of love, MFP Consultancy will help grow your pizzeria from the ground up.


Pizza Courses UK

Explore our full range of pizza courses designed for pizza chefs at any level of expertise. Become a professional pizzaiolo.


Pizza Consultancy UK

Learn how to master your business with the complete consultancy services for pizzerias of any size. Discover how to make an impact.


Pizza Chef News

Learn how to make authentic, fantastic Italian Neapolitan pizzas by attending remotely professional online courses on Zoom.      

Improving your skills today.


“I found this masterclass incredible. So much knowledge gained, so many new techniques to now try and master. Marco is such a nice guy and a great teacher too. Loved every minute of it. ” 

—  Kevin Edge, Brand Ambassador


“A big thank you Marco for an incredible few days, sharing your knowledge and expertise, it has been a phenomenal experience for all of us. We look forward to seeing you again soon.... ” 

—  The Mano a Bocca team. 

Brand Ambassador
Marco Fuso Pizza Chef UK
Marco Fuso

Multi-award Winning Pizza Chef

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Since 1966

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