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Frozen Pizza Balls

Marco created this biga dough recipe to achieve the perfect consistency and for a Neapolitan pizza with a puffy and crispy crust. Ideal for thin-crust and thick-crust pizzas, this dough promises an authentic Italian pizza experience.


Weight: 250g per doughball, suitable for an 11” diameter Neapolitan pizza.


Doughball will be semi-frozen on arrival. The dough can be refrozen without affecting the final result.



The dough is made using only four natural ingredients: flour, yeast, salt, and water. No nasty ingredients are added to this amazing product.


May contain soy (to be confirmed).

Suitable for vegans.


If you want to learn about all the processes for defrosting and making your pizza, click on the link below to see Marco in action explaining all the necessary steps. (Link to video tutorial to be provided).


If you have no time to watch the video, follow the instructions on the leaflet included in the box. (A QR code linking to the video will be provided on the leaflet, along with a series of photos demonstrating the process.)


Quantity options

Available in boxes of 12 or 30 doughballs.

  • 12 pieces: £25
  • 30 pieces: £38.99


For assistance or questions, please contact us via email at Alessandra and Marco are here to help with any inquiries about the frozen dough.

Frozen Pizza Balls

PriceFrom £25.00